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EF-1302 1
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  • Material Science: fiberglass+cashmere+beech base
  • product size: 74arm W/90 back WX100deptx106 H,SH:42
  • packaging size: 组装包装尺寸:105X94X112,120*94*78拆装
  • net weight: 
  • gross weight: 
  •   Efar fiberglass Furniture factory is a private owned enterprise, established in Year2008 and it is a professional furniture manufacture,specializes in modern & contemporary furniture, which made of fiberglass, glass, metal, PU, leather and other materials.

    Our products include leisure chair, office chair, dinning room chair, benches, swivel chair, leather-upholstered sofas,fiberglass shell chairs, tables, etc. We mainly provide OEM service for global clients, producing according to their specific demands.

    "Customer and Quality First" is our main motto. Based on our company's years of skillful production experience and excellent customer service, we have gained most customers' trust and our products are highly appraised by them. Besides direct sales and whole sales, we usually export to U.S.A., UK, Germany, Australia, France, Italy & other countries worldwide.

    With the cooperation and support of friends and customers in all circles, EFAR Fiberglass Furniture Team is looking forward to creating a brighter future in the field of classic furniture!

    Label:EF-1302 1
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